Here at Sierra Vet, we provide the best care to help maintain your pet’s health. Bringing your pet for regular exams can keep them in their best shape. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends annual exams for every pet to detect medical conditions as early as possible. At Sierra Veterinary Clinic, our exams may include the following, depending on your pet’s needs:

Complete Physical

Nose-to-tail exam: our veterinarians check pet’s skin, fur, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, gums oral cavity, abdomen, paws, heart and lungs to make sure all is well. Adult pets should have physicals annually.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations help fight and prevent diseases by building essential immunities. Vaccinations vary for every pet. The veterinarians can determine which vaccines are needed based on your pet’s activities and lifestyle.

Annual Fecal Test

Getting your puppy or kitten dewormed as soon as possible helps remove any parasites they may have gotten from their mother. Adult pets should have a fecal test performed annually. A fecal test is important for both your pet’s and your family’s comfort and safety.

Heartworm and Parasitic Disease Screening

Sierra Veterinary Clinic recommends a parasitic disease screen at every annual visit. Different parasites can carry different diseases: Heartworms, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis can be transmitted just by a bite. Our Idexx 4D lab test checks for a broad spectrum of parasites, rather than just heartworm as is common in the industry.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and ticks can transmit bacteria and disease. Our veterinarians can discuss a plan to help keep these blood-sucking parasites off of your pet and out of your home. We have a wide array of treatment options available, from traditional topical ointments to new oral medications that prevent a range of infestations without the mess!

Senior Wellness Visits

The AVMA recommends twice-yearly examinations for senior pets. (Dogs 7 or older, and cats 10 and older.) During a senior exam, our veterinarians will check your pet for conditions specific to the aging process, including joint and mobility issues, dental hygiene, vision loss, and other senior wellness checks. Senior pets should receive a blood test each year to ensure their organs and systems are all in good health. With a blood test, our veterinary team can provide early diagnosis of diseases that may not be manifesting physical symptoms yet.

Adoption Exams

If you’ve recently adopted a pet from a local shelter, Sierra Veterinary Clinic will provide a free wellness exam for your new companion within 10 days of the adoption, with proper documentation. This will help you identify any underlying medical issues that need to be corrected to get your pet off to a great start in their new home.