Hello, my name’s Megan and I live with my two dogs, Nemo and Tyson. I just finished school at Carrington College for Veterinary Technology. I first started at Sierra Vet doing my externship and was hired as soon as I finished. Since then, I am now in the training process; which consists of half front office work and half technician work. I became interested in Veterinary Medicine since I can remember. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals and being able to help them when they cannot speak for themselves is a very satisfying feeling. What I like most about my job is of course being able to help animals and their owners; but also building a relationship with them. I like being able to recognize when a client comes in, and know immediately which pets they have and just asking them how they are doing. When I am not here at the clinic I am usually at home playing my guitar and always learning about music.