Hi, my name is Katie Estoll and my husband is Buddy Estoll. We have six pets together: two cats, two rats, a dog, and a bearded dragon. All of our pets are named after Greek gods and mythical creatures.

I have been with Sierra Veterinary Clinic for almost a year and I am currently one of the Lead Registered Veterinary Technicians. I love helping pets, whether it’s an emergency surgery to save a life or going over the importance of vaccines. My favorite part of my job is that I make a difference in pets’ lives.

A typical day involves obtaining blood samples, triaging sick pets, taking radiographs, facilitating the DVM’s needs, and keeping the back on track with keeping up with the workload. I also spend time cleaning, filling prescription refills, checking on all hospital pets, and answering complex phone calls for concerned owners.

I love working with behavior problematic pets. Recently we had an 8-week old Pug who was acting a bit food aggressive. I took 30 minutes to show the owners how to train the Pup basic commands and to not reward her until we got that command down. When she came in for her next exam, it was so rewarding because the owner said that they have been training her for an hour a day and she knows Sit, Stay, Easy (when taking treats). They were so grateful and they even told me that their training time is called “Katie Time”. These are the moments I live for—I know I helped improve the bond between this owner and pet, and this is priceless.

I completed my Associate Degree at Carrington College in 2012 and had started working in the veterinary field about 5 years prior to going to school. I have also worked at Banfield Pet Hospital, Village Veterinary Hospital, and as a volunteer at the Stockton Animal Shelter.

Away from work, I love to read anything Science Fiction, especially by Stephen King. I also like to crochet, go fishing, and go to the beach. My husband and I play video games together, watch scary movies, and enjoy spending time with our pets.