Hi. My name is Brenda and I have been here at Sierra Veterinary Clinic since October 2005. My favorite thing about being part of the Sierra family is the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people with love and dedication to animals of all kinds. This not only applies to the friendships I have made with my coworkers but also to all of you who visit us. I enjoy hearing all the humorous and heartfelt stories of our furry friends’ adventures and get great satisfaction in being able to offer comfort during the tougher times. I cherish the memories I have made here.

At home I have several furry friends of my own who keep me busy. Both of my dogs, Tina and Charlie, wandered in to Sierra looking for somewhere to go. Little did they know what they were in for when I adopted them and brought them home to a house full of cats. It’s taken some time for everyone to adjust but I think they have finally come to an understanding. My husband and I also have two kids of the non-furry variety who bring much love and laughter to our lives.

I look forward to many more years here at Sierra and the opportunity to get to know all of you better.

You can email me at .