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Why it is not a good idea to vaccinate your pet on your own

Some pet owners choose to purchase vaccines through feed stores and on line thinking they are saving money. What they do not realize is that they are actually short changing their companions.

When you purchase vaccines through an outside source, there can be several problems. There are no set standards for how vaccinations are handled. The vaccines may not be refrigerated correctly, and can easily be made inactive. The quality of the vaccines vary greatly from company to company. Not all manufactures produce a product to the same level of standards, and many companies add items to the vaccine to preserve the products, that can be harmful to your pets. Many vendors promote vaccines that are not necessarily needed, and may not promote others that are important. A vaccine protocol should be customized for your dog or cat based on the specific activities, travel, and lifestyle of your pet. A veterinarian is the most qualified to make these recommendations. In addition, most people do not keep good records on what vaccines they have given, and when they were given. A Rabies vaccination is only concidered legal and valid when administered by a veterinarian. There are also times when your pet should not be given vaccinations; again, a veterinarian is the most qualified to make these medical decisions. Vaccinations should only be given to healthy animals, that are not pregnant, and are not receiving antibiotics.

The wellness of your companions is not based on inoculations alone. Most clients completely miss the concept that the important part in a veterinary visit is the examination. Yes the vaccinations are administered, and that is often how reminders are generated; but it is the physical exam that identifies health concerns for your canine or feline, and helps to provide guide lines and recommendations for needed medical care. The examination is so pivotal, that several animal wellness organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) now suggest an evaluation at least twice a year, every year, for every pet. In addition, there is other preventative care advice that is given during these visits. At each stage of your pet's life from puppy and kitten, to adult, and senior there are specific medical care recommendations that you can choose to participate in to maximize the health of your dog or cat, and extend his or her lifespan, comfort, and overall quality of life. Your veterinarian is the key to promoting wellness for your cherished companions.

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