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The many benefits of professional grooming

The many benefits of professional grooming

Anyone can wash their canine or feline companions at home; but there are several advantages to professional grooming and bathing.

Groomers can bathe, comb, trim and possibly shave your companion's coat. All dogs benefit from routine bathing. It is an important way to remove dirt, oils, and dead hair; thus helping to improve the coat condition and reduce matting. For long haired dogs, this is something that should take place at least every 6-8 weeks. Bathing can also be a pivotal component in controlling allergies, and treating various skin conditions.

Most facilities blow out the coat during the drying process, which removes excess hair, and helps to reduce shedding. A trimmed coat is easier to maintain. If you want a specific type of cut for your buddy, it is best to bring a picture of the desired style. Many cat fancier's also have bathing done a few times a year, and sometimes shaving for their long coated felines.

Grooming facilities also offer a variety of other amenities beyond the trim. They will clean your pet's ears, and can pluck and shave any hair that grows there. This is important because it can help in treating and preventing ear infections. They will also trim the nails. Some facilities also offer nail painting, tooth brushing, and other services. At our clinic, some medical services can also be performed on the same day as grooming. We also utilize the Hydro-surge system, which is like a gentle massage during the bathing process.

Groomers will express your companion's anal glands. The anal gland openings can be found at the lower right and lower left of your pet's hind end. They are the scent glands that are a part of animal communication. In many canines, especially those that are older or overweight, it can be difficult to naturally expel this material. Liquid can build up in the glands and lead to discomfort, an infection, or an abscess. Signs of a problem include scooting, chewing under the tail, and/or an open wound at the area. For animals that have difficulty with anal glands, they should be expressed routinely every 4-8 weeks.

Routine grooming will help your pet look better, feel better, and live a healthier life.

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