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Strides to improve Pet Overpopulation in Stockton

By Dr. Julie Damron
Stockton Record May 16, 2009

The Animal Protection League is working hard to decrease pet overpopulation in Stockton one animal at a time. This non-profit organization was formed as a result of two city council task forces groups, and has been almost 10 years in the making. We are funded by grants, donations, and proceeds from the pet licensing ordinance. Stockton Animal Shelter Friends has played a key role in making this a reality through both financial and human resources.

Our volunteer based group modified three rooms into a surgical suite at the city/county animal shelter in Stockton. We perform surgeries on two Sundays a month, and I am proud to be a member of this group. Since our first surgery date in December, we have altered almost 300 dogs and cats. Over time this will have a huge impact on the number of stray animals brought to and picked up by the shelter. Currently almost 10,000 cats and dogs are euthanized each year at our shelter.

To this date we have primarily been working with feral cats, and other rescued cats. This was our first project because over 80% of cats entering the shelter are euthanized. A grant from the Stockton Sunrise Rotary club will allow us to expand our program to include dogs. We also want to expand our program to include the pets of low-income families; people who are not able to afford spay/neuter services. We currently do not charge for our services; but ask for contributions when possible.

What can you do? Please spay and neuter all of your dogs and cats. This not only helps to prevent many health problems; but makes your pet much less likely to roam, and in turn much less susceptible to injury. Donate items. Needed materials include cat and dog food, cat carriers, food and water bowls, and towels. We are also in need of additional volunteers, including additional veterinary surgeons. Financial contributions are always appreciated. We appreciate your support and will continue to save the lives of animals in our area one cat and dog at a time.

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