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Saving lives one horse at a time

Anita Dayton is a wonderful horse trainer and owner of KISS Horse Center, 10576 Arno Road (916) 591-2481. Kiss stands for kind, intelligent, soft, simple. This 20 acre facility is nestled in the center of an agricultural area of Galt; and is home to anywhere from 20-50 horses. Some of them are student owned boarding and training equines; but most of them are abandoned ex-race horses, discarded research horses, and other equines that people didn’t want or could no longer take care of. Her goal is to work with them and re-home them when possible.

Anita also does some work with United Pegasus foundation. This non-profit is a Thoroughbred horse rescue, and has worked extensively to rescue horses from Premarin medication trails. This drug was prescribed to women to slow down menopause until it was found to cause cancer. This group does provide some of the funding for horse care at her facility; but most of it is through personal and private donations.

The Kiss facility is not currently a non-profit due to lack of funds and the time to coordinate the paperwork. This is not a 9-5 job; it keeps her busy at all hours of the day and night. Some horses arrive with serious health issues, are pregnant, or are not used to having very much human contact. There are a few paid employees; but many work hours in exchange for lessons/boarding. This is not a posh facility; but it provides the basic needs and terrific care for so many wonderful animals. Over 500 of these majestic creatures have found new homes through Anita’s efforts.

In this economy the needs are even greater than in the past. There are more horses that people are not able to take care of; there are fewer homes willing to take on additional horses; and the price of hay is increasing.

Help is needed on a daily basis. Funding is needed to recover animals from feedlots, transport them, and provide for their daily care. If you cannot provide monitory support; maybe you can provide personal attention to some of these wonderful equines. They need exercise, grooming, and attention. The facility could also use some maintenance as well. Maybe you have skills with fence mending, etc. These donations are not tax deductable; but they will go a long way to keeping the horses alive and happy.

I have known and worked with Anita for over 7 years. She has helped me tremendously with my horse, and I wouldn’t have been able to keep him if it wasn’t for her advice. She also found a horse for my husband, and he is now at the skill level to compete in Dressage shows. Recently she has been providing the recovery care for my horse, Dante, who had tendon surgery 6 weeks ago. He needed a lot of personalized treatment including frequent bandage changes, hand walking, and follow up visits.

Anita has been working with horses for over 40 years. She had formal training in Europe in both England and Germany, and additional training at the Tanglewood Equestrian Center in Texas. She has worked with Olympic Equestrian team members, and embodies the ideals of natural horsemanship. Anita can give lessons in English, Western, Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Gymkhana, ground work, and help with behavioral issues. What ever horse discipline you are interested in, she can help you achieve your goals in a way that is clear, kind, and compassionate to everyone. Her facility also offers boarding, as well as the option to have trainers ride your horse.

Anita has also had her own person health issues to deal with in the past few years. She is a recent breast cancer survivor. Anita Dayton is an amazing person, and I feel privileged to know her and work with her. Please consider helping her with this important work.

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