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Routine health exams are critical to pet wellness

Physical examinations are recommended at least annually for pets less than 7 years of age, and twice a year for seniors. We at Sierra Veterinary clinic want to play a central role in maximizing the quality and quantity of years for your cherished companions; and are pleased that you have chosen us as your pet care provider.

A through head to tail evaluation can help to identify issues early on, giving a better chance for a positive outcome. Factors such as diet, dental care, body condition, mobility, heart health, preventative care, and others are all essential facets of wellness for your canines and felines, and should be routinely discussed. Additional lab work may be recommended depending on your pet’s age or condition.

Don’t be fooled by vaccination clinics. Often they do not charge an exam fee; but mark up the price of the vaccines to compensate for this, and may not be recommending needed care that they are not able to perform.

Vaccinations are an important part of good health for both your canines and felines. In puppies and young dogs, we are seeing more issues with Parvo protection. We may be recommending extending the final puppy visit out further than 16 weeks. Even indoor cats still need routine inoculations that provide protection against upper respiratory illness. Cats are now the number one vector to transmit Rabies to people. Please be aware that the law in California dictates that if a non-vaccinated dog or cat bites or scratches a person, up to a 6-month quarantine can be ordered by Animal Control.

As part of our commitment to making vaccinations accessible for all of our patients, we've created Vaccines for Life, a new program that allows you to receive all of your pet's vaccinations for a single payment of $99. Learn more about Vaccines for Life on our page for the program.

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Sunday, 19 January 2020

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