Dr. Julie Damron

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Meet Dr. Julie Damron

This month we profile Dr. Julie Damron. Dr. Damron is married to William Brown and all of their children have 4 legs. What? Actually, Dr. Damron lives on a ranch in Galt with four dogs, three cats, and three horses. She is a native of Southern California, but moved north for her advanced education.

In her free time, Dr. Damron participates in several community service activities related to animals. She writes a pet column for The Record, she is president of OLD PALS, the Off Leash Dog Park Alliance of Stockton and until recently, she donated her time to spay and neuter cats and dogs at the Stockton Animal Shelter for the Animal Protection League. As if that isn’t enough, she assists her horse trainer with her rescue group, Hope for Horses.

She and her husband trail ride on their horses and participate in endurance and other trail events. Last year they finally purchased land so their horses could live with them. It has been a lot of work; but well worth it.

Dr. Damron first became fascinated by veterinary medicine when she was seven years old. She started trying to help wounded animals in the neighborhood at an early age, and retained that passion. In high school she worked at a small animal clinic for two years.

Once at UC Davis she was able to work with a wide variety of animals and for a long time thought she would become a dairy veterinarian, but while on rotations, decided that small animal medicine was a better fit. Both her Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine are from UC Davis.

Dr. Damron began working for SVC in February, 1998, and is an associate veterinarian. Each year the clinic strives to provide a higher quality of medicine and celebrates those who treat their companions as family members. She loves her job because she can help both people and their pets. For Dr. Damron, medical cases are like puzzles to solve. There may be specific symptoms and treatment recommendations for certain illnesses, but each patient is unique.

It is especially rewarding for Dr. Damron when she treats a severely ill patient that improves. As she says, "Any day that I can save the life of a canine or feline is a special day."

Please stop by and say hello to Dr. Damron as she works to provide quality of life and longevity for your cherished companions.

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