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Meet Brenda Dockery, our Administrative Supervisor

As our Administrative Supervisor, Brenda is responsible for overseeing the Customer Service (front desk) team as well as assisting with accounts receivable and billing. With over fifteen years experience in the Veterinary field, Brenda is well equipped to handle the situations and challenges that arise on a daily basis.

Brenda began her career as a kennel technician. Over the years she has worked in various other jobs, but it was her memories of those times in the veterinary clinic and her love for animals that brought her to Sierra Vet seven years ago.

Brenda working with front desk staff

In addition to getting to work with animals, Brenda counts herself privileged to work with a great team here at Sierra Vet. “My teammates are caring and compassionate in addition to being knowledgeable and there isn’t a single person here that I would not trust to care for my pets” Brenda says.

When she’s not at work, hanging out with her husband and caring for her two young children, ages 6 and 3, are top priorities. Taking care of two dogs and two cats at home adds to the fun! And for the rare moments of free time, Brenda enjoys sitting down with a good book and listening to music.

Billing tasks in the back office

In thinking about her career her at Sierra Vet, one special story came to mind. On a Saturday afternoon when she was off of work, one of her cats had a medical emergency. Brenda rushed her kitty down to the office so that one of the doctors could treat her. As she entered the clinic, a long-time client was in the waiting area visiting a pet who had been hospitalized for a few days. Brenda says “She gave me a knowing look, understanding the fear and sadness I was feeling. Once my coworkers had begun treatment on my kitty I went to her to see how her pet was doing. We shared stories, and before leaving, a hug. It was one of those times when you realize how much more our clients are than just ‘customers’”.

Be sure to say hi to Brenda next time you’re in the clinic!

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