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Laser Therapy Success Story!

This is a testimonial sent to us by one of our clients, explaining how our new Cold Laser Therapy system has helped her pet. If you have questions about whether your pet might benefit from this therapy, please call us!

I have a French Bulldog Lola that is the love of my life. One evening she could barely walk and had severe muscle twitches. The next morning I took her to her vet and after examination he thought it was a neurological problem and recommended I take her to UCD as they have a neurology dept. I called made appt. and off to Davis we went. After exam (extensive) they said multiple tests needed and most likely surgery. The cost was estimated at 5000.00. Being a senior on a fixed income there was no way I had that kind of money. Their only other alternative was 4-6 weeks total cage rest and pain meds. Her diagnosis being bulging neck disc. She was put on rimadyl, tramadol and methocarbinol.

Two weeks past and there was no improvement. I could not bear to see her in such pain and to make matters worse she was in such acute distress she could no longer take her oral meds. I researched and found they used fentanyl patches on dogs for pain so back to her vet we went. Her pain lessened so that I could again get her oral meds back in her. Now we were going to the vet every 3 days to have the patch changed. (costs rising) and she still had bouts of severe pain.

I was at the point of considering euthanasia as I felt it unfair to let her suffer any longer. One last attempt I researched veterinarians in Northern California that did acupuncture and found Sierra Veterinarian Hospital right here in Stockton!

I called and they had me bring Lola in. Once there I found they also did laser treatments for pain. Dr. Lindsey explained the procedure and I said "let’s try." At that point I was carrying Lola as it was too painful for her to walk. Upon completion of her first treatment she stood up, shook her head and pranced around her old self. I could not believe it! It was nothing short of a miracle.

To any one out there who has a suffering animal, this treatment is surely worth a try. When I think of how close I came to making the decision to end her suffering I am so grateful to Dr. Lindsey, his staff and Sierra veterinarian clinic and can never thank them enough.

Lola has treatments three times a week, is doing amazing and this procedure is very reasonably priced. She will continue for two more weeks or possibly less as she now is pain free! Again, Lola and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Carole Spring
Stockton, Ca. 95219

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