Laser Therapy –Sammy Oliver

From time to time, our staff contribute stories about their experiences with our patients. Amy and Carol have enjoyed working with Sammy, so Amy wrote up this story about his case:

Sammy Oliver is a 12 yr old Rottweiler mix that has been using Laser Therapy to treat what ails him since he was diagnosed with a cranial cruciate ligament injury and had surgery October of 2013.

One time coming home from the clinic for a checkup he refused to get out of the car for 19 hours. Mr. Oliver parked the car in the garage and left the car door open and he just would not get out. At this point they knew they needed to do something to help him with his arthritis pain.

"Sammy is not the easiest to give medications to and is very stubborn" says Mr. Oliver. Most of the time it is a fight and he doesn't always get his pain/anti-inflammatory medication as directed. Laser Therapy has been a great addition to helping him with his arthritis pain. Sammy loves coming to the clinic every week and greets everyone when he arrives. Carol usually preforms Sammy's laser and they have developed a great bond. His Laser Treatment consists of hips, shoulders and knees and takes about 35 minutes.