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Is your dog's dry nose a sign of illness?

Is your dog's dry nose a sign of illness?

Questions that come up regarding our pets is why is my dog's nose cold, hot, wet or dry? Is he or she sick?

Possible reasons for a wet nose may be due to humidity. Their noses can act as a barometer and adjusts according to how much fluid is in the environment. Another reason may be that they are sweating. Ways that dogs sweat is through their paws and their noses. When their noses are dry it can also be due to the dryness in the air. Again, like a barometer. If your pet is not feeling well a dry nose may be due to a fever or dehydration.

The question of a dry nose versus a wet nose is still up for debate and we may never know the exact cause. HOWEVER, remember that we have to look at our dog as a whole. We look for other signs of illness such as eating, drinking, vomiting, diarrhea or fever. If these are present please contact your local veterinarian for further questions.

Another issue with noses is drying and scaling. Home remedies include Vaseline and lotions, but what happens if the nose is still crusty? Try snout soother, an organic balm that may transform your dog's nose.

I tried it once in a patient of mines and after he came back in for his check-up he had a brand new nose. Unfortunately, I was unable to track his progress from start to finish so we were able to try it on one of the technicians pet "Ninja." Here are before and after photos of her nose with Snout Soother.


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