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Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween can be a fun time for you and your pet as long as you follow some simple pet safety tips. Unfortunately holidays are a common time for pet emergencies. On halloween in particular, pets are more likely to eat things they shouldn't and escape out of the house. Here are a few potential problems to be aware of.

Candy: This may seem obvious but you should never let your pet eat any halloween candy. Any candy containing chocolate, especially dark and bittersweet, xylitol, a sweetener, or raisins is very bad for them and can be fatal. Make sure you and your kids put all the candy in a place unreachable by your pet. Don't let them get into the wrappers either. It's likely the wrapper still has the smell and taste of candy on it and if ingested can create a blockage.

Costumes: It's fine to dress your pet in a halloween costume, you just need to make sure it's safe and comfortable for them. It needs to fit well and not be too tight or loose or impair them in any way. Supervise them while they are in costume.

Trick-or-Treating: Some pets get anxious or frightened with all the doorbell ringing and kids at your door. With the door opening more often, they also have more chance to escape. Putting your pet in a safe place away from all the commotion is a good idea to keep them safe as possible.

Outdoor pets: It's not a good idea to leave pets, especially black cats, outside around Halloween because they can be the target for cruel pranks.

Decorations: Common halloween decorations like candles, electric cords, glow sticks, etc.. can be dangerous to a curious pet. Keep these decorations and other small items they could chew on out of reach.

We wish you and your pet a safe and Happy Halloween!

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