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Amy's Cold Laser Therapy Story

Amy's Cold Laser Therapy Story

One of our RVTs, Amy, was recently presented with a unique opportunity to use our Veterinary Cold Therapy Laser on an injured horse. Amy has enjoyed this experience so much that she wrote up her story for us to share with you:

This sweet girl is one of our latest laser therapy patients.  She is a show and driving horse owned by Richard and Melanie Brandstad. One day in early January Dr. Luckars asked me if I would ever consider doing laser on a horse, with no question I automatically said yes, not thinking anything of it I went on about my day. In the following days I was in contact with Richard and we set up a day to meet at the Sargent Equestrian Center were Hannah stays. So in between work or on weekends I would make my way out to see Hannah for her laser therapy.

 Late last year Hannah was diagnosed with a ligament and tendon injury in her left rear foot. They are not sure how it happened. This type of injury usually happens to sport horses that are jumping and doing other things like that. She was given bad news and ordered by her doctor to be on strict stable rest and that this could take several months or even a year to heal. After the first 2 weeks of laser therapy she had a check up with her Equine vet and they were told she was improving at an incredible rate. They usually do not see progress like this with this type of injury. She was then taken off stable rest and was allowed to walk slowly for 15 minutes a day. Richard and Melanie were so excited they wanted to continue with laser therapy. She recently had another check up with her Equine vet and she is now able to pull a light cart and drive for 15 minutes. Hannah loves to be in front of the cart.    

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Thursday, 27 February 2020

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