Sierra Veterinary Clinic is Stockton's most advanced Veterinary Hospital. Our passion is keeping your pets healthy!

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Dr. Cindy Yao

Advanced Veterinary Medicine

One of the few AAHA accredited animal hospitals in Northern California, Sierra Veterinary Clinic is equipped to handle every aspect of your pet's care, from routine examinations and vaccines to emergency surgery.

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Advanced Veterinary Care

Our AAHA-accredited hospital provides advanced care for your pets, from routine examinations and vaccinations to emergency surgery. Read More

Professional Grooming

Our professional groomers are experienced with all breeds. Your pet will return from a day in our grooming salon clean, clipped, and relaxed! Read More

Veterinarian-Approved Products

We stock a full line of products for your pets, including foods, treats and toys! Read More
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From the Blog

  • Donate items to support Animal Friends Connection

    Once again this year Sierra Veterinary Clinic is collecting donations to support the work of the volunteers at Animal Friends Connection. They are constantly in need of basic items to provide for the needs of the animals in their care. Read More
  • Polydactyl (Many Toes)

    Medical term originating in Greek “Poly” pertains to many and “Dactyl” pertaining to the toes/fingers. Polydactyl cats have more than normal amount of toes usually on the front feet but they can also be on the back feet. Normal cats Read More
  • Is your dog's dry nose a sign of illness?

    Questions that come up regarding our pets is why is my dog's nose cold, hot, wet or dry? Is he or she sick? Possible reasons for a wet nose may be due to humidity. Their noses can act as a Read More
  • Can you get a cat to lose weight?

    A lot of times we think a fat cat is a happy cat but this really isn't true. Obesity can make our pets more susceptible to several diseases. Some of these diseases include diabetes mellitus, hepatic lipidosis, dermatologic conditions, and Read More
  • Pet Preparedness

    There are kits and plans that are made in times of fire, earthquake, or emergency situations for people, but what about our pets? Here are some tips: Identification is important: A collar and I.D. with your pets name, address and Read More
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